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Load and fill a communion tray in seconds and never touch a cup.

Reduce the number of workers needed & preparation time by 90%

Just two people working together can load and fill 100 communion trays in under 30 minutes.

Multi-Fill Communion Cup Filler

Multi-Fill-Communion-Cup-FillerThe "Multi-Fill" fills a 40-hole communion tray in seconds. Simultaneously filles all cups equally, without touching a cup. Neat, clean, and sanitary. No moving parts. Easy to clean.

Use your own trays if you have Artistic, Revell-Ware, or Artistic/Broadman (stamped on the bottom of your tray).

Multi-Load Communion Cups

Multi-Load-Communion-CupsThe "Multi-Load" uses standard 1-1/4"D x 1-1/4"H sanitary disposable cups packaged in a unique patented layered system.

Inserts a full layer of 40 cups into a communion tray in seconds without touching the cups, and prevents sticking and cracked cups. One box fills 15 complete trays.